About Us


To contribute to the betterment of human health by designing, developing, manufacturing and selling affordable medical devices that meet the highest quality and regulatory standards.


Worldwide, there are more than a billion patients suffering from medical disorders like vertigo, migraine, epilepsy, concussion, ADHD and over 20 other conditions. Apart from causing grave physical, psychological, social and economic trauma to the patients,  there is another common thread that binds these medical conditions together. All these conditions throw up manifestations in the eyes. If these manifestations are measured accurately, they reveal pretty good early stage diagnostic insights to what's happening inside a patient's neuro vestibular system. 

Backed by strong scientific evidence establishing the correlation between neuro vestibular conditions and pupil movement, we at Cyclops Medtech are building clinical and wearable diagnostic as well as rehabilitation products for neuro vestibular disorders using eye tracking as a technology enabler.

Our first product, BalanceEye is a clinical diagnostic platform for finding out the root cause for dizziness and balance disorders. It finds application in Otolaryngology (ENT), Neurology and Audiology. Launched in 2017, in a short span of less than a year, it has become India's most popular balance assessment platform. With close to 80 installations in 40 cities across 4 countries, BalanceEye has truly democratized the availability of balance diagnosis in India. 

BalanceEye is a 3 tiered solution with a hardware tier, image processing tier and machine learning tier. Here's a brief workflow of the solution:

Our core team comprises of:

  • Dr. Srinivas Dorasala, Cofounder: A ENT Surgeon, specializing in neuro vestibular disorders. With close to 15 years of experience, he heads product innovation and development at Cyclops. 

  • Niranjan Subbarao, Co-founder: A marketing professional and a entrepreneur. Prior to co-founding Cyclops, he was part of a medical content startup. At Cyclops, he takes care of sales and marketing, strategy and partnerships.

  • Dr. Ravi Nayar, Co-founder and Mentor: A ENT and Head-Neck Surgeon and a senior academician with close to 3 decades of clinical, surgical, academic and research experience. A prominent medtech mentor. At Cyclops he drives scientific research and academic collaborations. 

  • Shekar Tippur, CTO: Based out of San Diego, USA, Shekar specializes in machine learning and cloud computing. 

  • Ajith Rao, Software Architect: Ajith specializes in computer vision and image processing. 


In addition to our core team, we have a strong engineering and support team based out of our office in Bangalore.