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Certification Course in Assessment and Management of Vestibular Disorders - 2.0
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10 Weeks - Online Learning

Starts 1st Dec 2021

5 days Hands-on Training

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We are not accepting new registrations for this course as all the seats are filled. The next batch will commence in April 2022. If you are interested to join the next batch please drop a mail to info@cyclopsmedtech.com. We will add you to our mailing list and keep you informed once we start accepting registrations for the new batch. 

If you have registered for this batch, and received login credentials email, please click on the "login" button below to start accessing the course. If you have not yet received the login credentials please send a mail to abhishek.bhat@cyclopsmedtech.com or call / whatsapp +919845822512.


After successful completion of the first batch of certification course in Assessment and Management of Vestibular Disorders, we are happy to announce admissions for the second batch of the course. The first batch saw around 20 clinicians get trained and certified by Yenepoya University. The second batch will also be held in association with Yenepoya University. Based on the feedback received from batch 1, we have made a few modifications to increase ease of learning. Please do register at the earliest to confirm your slot.

Important Highlights

  • Hybrid course format

  • Online weekly lectures - 4 hours per week

  • 5 day in person hands on training and assessment at state of the art campus of Yenepoya University

  • Learn at your own pace - lectures will be uploaded at the beginning of each week. Students can complete the module at their own pace within the week.

  • Interactive session every Saturday evening to clarify doubts

  • Hands on training on Video-Oculography (VOG), Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA), Video Head Impulse Test (vHIT), Virtual Reality based Vestibular Rehabilitation (VVRT), Caloric Testing, BalanceSmart - smart balance board and various other instrumental as well as non instrumental assessment and therapy protocols. 

  • On-campus accommodation for hands-on training

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Course Curriculum

Week 01.

Core Physiology

Hair cell transduction, Physiology of semicircular canals, Physiology of otolith organ, Synaptic mechanisms.

Week 04.

Vestibular Migraine

Mechanisms of migraine, Diagnostic criteria, Neurotransmitters and therapeutic targets, Treatment guidelines.

Week 07.

Rehabilitation 1

Learning and compensation in the vestibular system. A program for rehabilitation of unilateral vestibular deficit.

Week 10.

Investigations and Miscellaneous



Miscellaneous vestibular disorders:

Dehiscences, vestibular paroxysmia, orthostatic balance disorders

Special populations:

Pediatric, Pregnancy, Geriatric

Week 02.

Advanced Physiology

Synaptic mechanisms in vestibular nuclei, signal processing in vestibular nuclei during natural behaviour, central connections and interactions with other systems, vestibulo-spinal system.

Week 05.

Vestibulo-Cerebellar Disorders

Signal processing in the cerebellum, Nodulus and ventral uvula, Flocculus and ventral paraflocculus, The vermis, Deep cerebellar nuclei, acute vestibulo- cerebellar disorders, inherited vestibulo-cerebellar disorders, acquired progressive vestibulo-cerebellar disorders

Week 08.

Rehabilitation 2

A program for rehabilitation for bilateral vestibular deficit. A program for rehabilitation for fall prevention.

Week 11.

Hands-on and Assessment

Hands-on training at state of the art skill lab within the premises of sprawling Yenepoya University in Mangalore, India.

Hands on training will be followed by assessment and certification.

Week 03.


An oculomotor tutorial, Semicircular canal related angular VOR, Otolith ocular reflexes, Semicircular canal innervation of extraocular muscles, Otolith innervation of extraocular muscles. Interpretation of nystagmus and affected canal identification. Diagnostic positional tests. Therapeutic positional maneuvers.

Week 06.

Ménière’s Disease

Review of key experimental models of Ménière’s disease, Barany Society and American Academy of Otolaryngology and Head - Neck Surgery guidelines for Ménière’s Disease, Investigations, Medical management, Intratympanic treatment, Devices for Ménière’s, Surgical treatment.

Week 09.

Physical examination

Examination in acute vestibular syndrome. Examination in recurrent vestibular diseases. Examination in vestibulo-autonomic syndromes. Examination in vestibulo-cerebellar diseases.

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Dr Srinivas Dorasala

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Neurotologist and Co-founder, Cyclops Medtech


Dr Avinash Bijlani

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Senior Neurotologist


Dr Kshitij Malik

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Vestibular Specialist


Dr Pradeep Vundavalli

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Senior ENT Surgeon


Dr Ravi Nayar

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Chief Scientific Officer - Cyclops Medtech


Dr Vijayalakshmi  S

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HOD, Dept of ENT, Yenepoya Medical College


Dr Prateek Porwal

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Vertigo Specialist, Cyclops Medtech


Ananthu V

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Audio Vestibular Specialist, Cyclops Medtech


Registration fee - INR 25000 + 18% GST = INR 29500

Registration steps:

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Please note:

  • We have limited seats and registration will be on a first come basis.

  • Filling the form does not mean your registration is confirmed. Registration is confirmed only after you make the payment and received the confirmation mail.

  • The fee stated above is for the course only (incused online and hands-on modules). Accommodation charges for hands-on module are extra. 

  • You may transfer the registration to someone else, but cannot cancel the registration after making the payment. Payment will not be refunded once registration is confirmed.

For further clarifications, please speak to Abhishek on +91-9845822512