This ENT surgeon’s device is keeping an eye on vertigo

Cyclops Medtech’s tool helps in diagnosing the cause of vertigo and dizziness

(Extract of a recent article published in The Hindu Business Line)

Srinivas Dorasala gets passionate when he talks about vertigo. As an ENT surgeon, he has handled several patients with problems of vertigo. If someone says he or she has vertigo, in itself it means nothing. It is like saying somebody has fever. Like a fever, vertigo is only a symptom.

There is an underlying problem that causes vertigo, he says and adds that not many people are aware of this. The underlying cause has to be diagnosed to give the correct kind of treatment.

“I took an interest in vertigo when I was in MS Ramaiah College. I got to use a technology called videonystagmography, using a French-made device,” he says. It made a lot of difference in treating patients with vertigo and balance disorders, he adds. Videonystagmography is used to test inner ear and central motor functions, which is a process called vestibular assessments. Patients wear special goggles and their eye movements are traced.

But the problem, according to Srinivas, was the equipment were foreign and they were imported in small numbers, and there were issues relating to service and maintenance support. To pinpoint the cause of vertigo, you need this equipment and it was prohibitively expensive.

The trigger point

That was the trigger for Srinivas and his two other co-founders to start thinking about developing and building a home-made product that will help in diagnosing the cause of vertigo using eye tracking and at the same time bring down the cost of the equipment. They formed Cyclops Medtech Pvt Ltd, whose first product, BalanceEye, has made diagnosis of various neuro-vestibular conditions easy and affordable.

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