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Across Specialties


Cyclops Medtech has a formidable portfolio of products which has applications across different clinical specialties. Using a combination of our products, you can give your practice the vestibular edge and diganose and treat dizzy patients in a structured, data driven and result oriented manner.



ENT Specialists are generally at the forefront of diagnosing vestibular patients and treating peripheral vestibular disorders.   A combination of our products can help ENT Specialists to conclusively diagnose all aspects of vestibular disorders and provide therapy for various diseases like vestibular neuritis, BPPV, Meniere's disease, vestibular migraine, SSCD, and many more. BalanceEye VOG, with all necessary modules for diagnosing central and peripheral vestibular disorders can help in thorough differential diagnosis of a dizzy patient. BalanceEye DVA helps in diagnosing various disorders of semi-circular canals whereas BalanceEye VRT can be a excellent tool for rehabilitation of patients with various peripheral balance disorders such as bilateral vestibulopathy, persistent perceptual postural dizziness (PPPD), motion sickness, etc. BalanceSmart, our latest armament lets you strengthen hip and ankle strategy of balance disordered patients.


In addition to diagnosing peripheral vestibular disorders, BalanceEye VOG helps you In the early diagnosis of central disorders like progressive supranuclear palsy, impending Strokes, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, cerebellar disorders, frontal gait disorders, parkinsonian disorders, internuclear ophthalmoplegia, etc. In head injury cases, especially sports injuries, a cerebral concussion can be diagnosed with the help of BalanceEye DVA.



Audiologists play a very important role in effective diagnosis of a dizzy patient. Conventionally, Audiologists have been associated with diagnosing hearing disorders and equipping patients with hearing aid solutions, but in the recent days, Audiologists are embracing newer avenues to expand their practice. A combination of our products helps you to augment your audiology practice and add vestibular assessment and rehabilitation capabilities to your practice. You can now work in tandem with ENT Specialists to provide vestibular assessment and rehabilitation services to patients referred by ENTs. Our in-depth training program and certification course will help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge.


Physical Therapay

In the west, Physiotherapists have been in the forefront of rehabilitating dizzy patients. BalanceSmart can help you in rehabilitation of balance-disordered patients due to various factors like polyneuropathy or various motor disorders strengthening the ankle strategy, hip strategy, and truncal strategy thereby improving their balance. BalanceEye VRT can be a excellent tool for rehabilitation of patients with various peripheral balance disorders such as bilateral vestibulopathy, persistent perceptual postural dizziness (PPPD), motion sickness, etc.



BalanceEye DVA can be a superlative tool for your eye clinic armamentarium. It can help you to determine visual acuity in a dynamic environment. The normal visual acuity tests can help in screening a persons vision in a static environment, but research shows that a person spends a great part of wake up time in movement, wherein either the person or the environment is moving. A dynamic visual acuity test lets you measure a person’s visual acuity during movement. This is especially a great tool for assessing visual acuity of high performance sports persons, school children as well as senior citizens who wish to continue driving.


General Practice

General Physicians are often the first stop of a dizzy patient. We would encourage you to have a discussion with us and attend one of our training programs that can help you in SPO driven initial assessment 'timely referral' of patients with vertigo and balance disorders, thereby helping patients to enhance their outcomes through early intervention by the concerned specialist.

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