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Training for medical professionals

Academic Initiatives

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We run courses for clinicians interested in specializing in the areas of vestibular assessment and rehabilitation. These courses are mostly delivered in hybrid mode with online as well as offline modules. Some of these courses also include a university affiliated certification. Please subscribe to our mailing lists, social media handles as well as follow this page to learn about different course dates and eligibility. Seats to these courses are limited and fill up very fast, so please do apply as soon as we open a batch.

Upcoming courses, workshops and webinars:
Assessment and Management of Vestibular Disorders (AMVD 5.0)
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Clinical and Instrumental Evaluation in Neurotology (CIEN)
DATE: 16-18 FEB 2024
Past courses, workshops and webinars:
Diagnosing and Managing Central Vestibular Disorders - Hands on Workshop
25-27 AUG 2023
BPPV: From Novice to Master in 3 days - Hands on Workshop
17-19 MAY 2023
Diagnosing and Managing Central Vestibular Disorders - Hands on Workshop
7-9 JULY 2023


Mar. 2024 Edition 

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Feb. 2024 Edition 

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Strong collaboration with academic institutions helps in identifying and nurturing talent and also foster deeper inroads in the areas of research and development as well as bringing out publications. We have ongoing partnerships with many academic institutions and are constantly looking out to onboard more academic partners. If you are a university, medical college, engineering college or a research organisation, interested in collaborating in our areas of specialization, we’d love to hear back from you. Please send a mail to with the subject line “Academic Collaboration” and someone from our team will reach out to you.

Here's a summary of value we can bring on board to different academic institutions:

  • Access to our products, technology and various courses at subsidized prices

  • Access to patient anonymized data

  • Access to our engineering team for customization of products

  • Access to our scientific team for ideating on research studies as well as publication writing

  • Access to various scientific and academic forums to present research findings

  • Help with publishing studies

  • Internship / placement opportunities to students interested in our area of work

  • Joint grant proposals

  • Joint IP creation

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