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New age video-oculography (VOG) / video-nystagmography (VNG) solution for comprehensive assessment of dizziness and balance disorders 


Accurate and Affordable

BalanceEye is a revolutionary new age balance assessment platform designed by neuro vestibular clinicians
and a team of highly skilled and trained engineers. The solution comprises of innovative hardware, intuitive
software and intelligent deep learning algorithms that makes balance diagnosis fast, accurate, reliable, and

BalanceEye has test protocols for thorough differential diagnosis of central and peripheral systems and pathways. All the test modules are available in a single portable device which can be deployed right in your clinical OPD, without the need for dedicated room and lighting settings. The solution brings together all the oculomotor tests, nystagmus protocols, caloric tests, positional tests and subjective visual vertical into a single holistic diagnostic suite.  It also empowers you to perform diagnostic and re-positioning maneuvers for conditions like benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).


How can BalanceEye VOG help you in your daily clinical practice

BalanceEye VOG is a power packed tool. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, it can deliver spell binding diagnostic results. We have thousands of examples of clinicians who have detected strokes with vertiginous symptoms, corrected BPPV in one simple step, identified vestibular migraines, helped effectively manage vestibular neuritis and achieved diagnostic success like never before. Here's a quick summary of some of the amazing things you can do with BalanceEye VOG:

  • Differential diagnosis of dizziness.

  • Early detection of central positional vertigo.

  • Perform repositioning maneuvers with high degree of certainty.

  • Detection of neuro-degenerative diseases when imaging finding is equivocal.

  • Therapeutic tool for oculomotor retraining.

  • Neuro anatomical localization by applying complete test battery.

  • Bedside detection of stroke with acute vestibular syndrome.

Affordable and Quick ROI

With BalanceEye VOG you can add a new revenue vernicle to your practice with multiple payment plans and quick ROI.


Training and Certification

Our training programs are designed to help you master test administration as well as reporting and interpretation.


Reporting Support

Our remote reporting team will be available to assist you with report interpretation on a on-demand basis.


Tests Included

BalanceEye VOG is designed by neuro vestibular specialists who have spent decades trying to understand patient needs and gaps in the existing testing solutions. Our solution has been carefully crafted to provide you everything that's needed for a near holistic assessment in a quick, affordable and accurate manner. With BalanceEye VOG, you get all the oculomotor tests, nystagmus tests, positional tests, caloric tests as well as subjective visual vertical (SVV) in a single package without having to constantly bother about upgrading modules. The entire unit is ultra portable allowing you to start a vestibular clinic in a jiffy. 

Next Steps

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