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Vision and Values

Cyclops Medtech thrives at the confluence of deep tech and healthcare. We are blending the power of frontier technologies like eye tracking, VR, smart sensors etc with deep learning to build diagnostic and therapeutic products in the areas of Neurology, Neurotology, Physical Therapy, Audiology and Ophthalmology. 


To contribute to the betterment of human health by designing, developing, manufacturing and selling affordable medical devices that meet the highest quality and regulatory standards.

Values that we cherish

Need first, tech next:

Our products are built based on deep rooted understanding of clinical needs. Technology for us is an enabler and not the core. 

Patient first, customer next, everything else follows:

The end beneficiary of all the products that we build are patients who are suffering from a medical condition. Customers of our products are basically clinicians such as Neurologists, ENT Specialists, Audiologists, Physical Therapists and so on. Our aim is to empower our customers to unburden their patients of some of the pain and suffering through timely diagnosis and therapy.


All our products and solutions are built to create enormous value to all our stake holders like patients, clinicians, 

team members, investors and partners. To a patient, it can be timely diagnosis at affordable prices where as to a clinician, it can be an opportunity to improve clinical outcomes with the help of devices which fetch faster ROI. 

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