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Smart balance board for strengthening hip and ankle proprioception

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Stronger Proprioception

= Better Balance

Proprioception plays an important role in the planning of precise and coordinated movements, in maintaining balance and controlling body posture. It also exerts its influence on motor learning and re-education. Proprioception enables the stability and orientation of the body during static and dynamic activities. The role of proprioception has increased in the aging population, especially in the case of falls. With aging, proprioception is also affected, among other functions, which may result in poor perception of the position of body in space. A decline in proprioception can change the joint biomechanics and the neuromuscular control of the limbs,
resulting in impaired balance and a higher possibility of falls.

Conventionally, wobble boards have been used as one of the corner stones of balance rehabilitation especially to improve lower limb coordination function and strength. Using balance or wobble boards can train the muscles, ligaments, and tendons to work together to create stability at the ankle and hip. But conventional wobble board therapies are often boring and performance metrics are unavailable to patients.

BalanceSmart is a instrumented balance board which makes balance rehabilitation engaging, fun and result
oriented. It has inbuilt sensors which can measure various elements of hip and ankle rehabilitation and
progress can be accurately monitored.


Key Features

  • Portable and point of care therapy.

  • Multiple game modes.

  • Robust reporting module to monitor progress.

  • Provision for both ankle and hip strategy strengthening.

  • Progressive mode – from sitting to standing.

  • Can be integrated with a harness for additional safety.

  • Retention of interest and encouragement because of engaging games.

  • Measures assessment duration, accuracy, stability and completion of levels.

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